Sunday, July 5, 2009

New paintings > early summer

mid summer/I resume the conversation/with myself

okay. let's get this thing rolling again.

much has changed in the overall landscape and some in the personal landscape. more art produced in a fairly constant stream. a feeling of treading water as we all wait for things to either get better or tank. if things really tank then we have a kind of freedom that will develop- to remake things on a more modest , human scale. to localize our concerns. it's about survival and micro-management of what is available around us. it could be good- in a challenging way.

I can't pretend that I am not scared by the prospect of things falling to pieces. I feel a little long- in- the- tooth to be a pioneer.
So I spend my days at a modest job...try to cultivate my relationships and my front garden. what's important right now ? staying in the moment...continuing the art-making, trying to be a supportive mate, keeping in touch with friends scattered all over the place.

yet a part of me whispers that I need to be making long-term plans, monitor my health more closely, winnow out stuff that i don't need anymore, put away some money, try to remember my dreams more...meditate more regularly.

the summer so far has been mild & breezy. my garden likes it. I have fresh tomatoes daily. i am a lousy corn-grower. I guess i will never be a Hopi. oh well.

the windchimes on the porch are a constant reminder to stop and listen and get a little lost, if only for a moment.